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Perfiles Profesionales

Two Professionals Profiles:

High Technician in Languages:

  • The pupil will study two languages for four years; obtaining an intermediate level competency in the four skills: reading, writing, comprehension and oral expression.
  • The student will be allowed for teaching.

Bachelor in Languages (Five Years of Study):

  • The Bachelor in Languages will perform the functions of planning, organization, carrying out and evaluation of the teaching - learning process (in the languages) in all its levels of the educational system.
  • Likewise, he or she will perform the functions as interpreter from the oral and written language into Spanish; making easy the public and international relations in national and foreign organizations.
  • The Bachelor in Languages will perform researches in the linguistics field identifying problems that are found and giving solutions to them.

Bachelor in Languages’ Professional Profile:                               

In previous years, the Languages Department considered the teaching area only. With the purpose of spreading the professional action field and taking into account the results of empirical researches performed; a professional pattern is reproposed and it is leaded in three fundamental versions:

  • A pedagogical version       
  • A linguistics version
  • A version to translation

The curricular conception of the pedagogic version guarantees the training of abilities, habits and professional skills in the foreign and/or native languages teaching field.
The translation version is directed towards the dominion of two foreign and/or native languages guided   the formation of abilities, habits and skills in the field of the oral and written translation with unilateral character (foreign and/or native language - Spanish).

The linguistic version guided to the scientific research in the field of the linguistic will allow taking on the education problematic in the area of foreign and/or natives languages and providing solutions.

The bachelor in languages and Higher Technician in Languages will be qualified; as foreign and/or native language professor to:
• To carry out the teaching and learning process of the foreign and/or Native languages.

• To apply an effective way with high quality, methods and procedures, own of the foreign  and/or native language teaching.

• To validate and design training programs of the language that teaches.

• To apply the principles and fundamentals postulates of the Methodology of teaching foreign and/or Native Languages.

• To teach in the rural area.

The Bachelor in Languages will be qualified as a linguistic researcher to:
• To bring about theoretical-practical elements that allows him to analyze his work critically.
• To develop intellectual abilities and the skill practice that allows him to exert his work in the linguistic research.
• To apply the knowledge of different methods and techniques of the linguistic research.
• To use the scientific research in the field of the linguistic of Foreign and/or native language that he has studied.

The bachelor in foreign and/or native languages translator will be qualified to:
• To take on unilateral written translation of the foreign and/or native language into Spanish.

• To develop an ethical behaviour that is characterized by reliability and professional discretion of the contents that are submitted to their translation.

• To give serves bilinguals of character administrative-auxiliary in Educational institution, institutions or nationals organisms and/or foreign institutions that they require of these services.

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