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Modalidades de Graduación



Academic excellent:
This graduation form  will be apply  like one professionalization  modality, to students  who obtain the best  academic progress indices of university (75 points)   as  national and international level

Degree exams
To obtain the diploma of Degree in languages, the students will be able to submit themselves to this option of qualifications, to the Degree exams that will be about the following fields:

  • Translation
  • Composition/writing skills
  • Didactics and methodology


It will cover the set of knowledge, abilities and techniques of the language translation, according to the subject’s programs. The written test will be practical and functional. It will have a maximum time of three hours.

Composition/written Skills

It will include the content of the subject which include the written skills and composition of the language. The student will have to develop a 500 words composition as minimum, about a topic that will selected of the proposed by the Court.

Didactics and methodology

This exam will include the content of the subjects: Pedagogy, General Didactics, Special Didactics and Teaching Training of the language. It will have three components:
 • Design of didactics units.
 • Training class
 • Defense of the proposal.

Totating Intership

It constitutes the link between the theory and the practice, making possible to the student the application of theirs knowledge.

It will take place in the Language Career and according to agreement, in public, private and municipal institutions in the fields of:

Working Training in Translation, Working Training in Teaching and Working Training of Linguistics Diagnostic Research. It will have a length of 660 hours, effective in 23 weeks, during the fifth year.


It will have been original and individual, except those cases that were authorized to come true between two people due to the complexity of the subject. The development of the Degree Thesis will consider the followings aspects:

  • Social relevance of subject.
  • Newness and originality of the subject.
  • Structure of the Thesis.
  • Design or theoretical model used.
  • Action field, aim and idea to defend.
  • Use of Methods, techniques and tools.
  • Correspondence of the conclusion with the objective and/or hypothesis.
  • Use of rules for the establishment of data.
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