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Intercultural Innovative Education Degree

(First and second version)


The first and the second version of the Innovating Intercultural Education programme, Oriented to the Educative Practice in Multilingual, is managed by  the formation of teachers in service, who were graduated in the Superiors institutes of Bolivia (INS) and Languages degree.


• To contribute with the improvement of the quality of the Bolivian education offering formation to the level Degree to the teachers of the formal education.

• To form human resources comprised and self-critical thatdrive the valuation of the native cultures, the intraculturality and the interculturality.

 • To provide teachers tools for the development in the research field and the innovations in the educative projects.

• To form human resources to be able to design, to apply and to evaluate diversified curriculums using methodological strategies for the education of languages not only with the mother language but also with the foreign languages with a auto-socio-constructivist approach.

• To offer teachers abilities and linguistic competence in language 1 and language 2.

• To train teachers in the elaboration of teaching material putting into perspectived for the Multilingual Intercultural Education.

It is expected that on having concluded the study plan of the degree course in Intercultural Innovative Education, Oriented to the Educational Practice in Multilingual contexts, every graduate will be prepared for:

  • The research of problems inherent in the intercultural and multilingual education.
  • The production, execution and evaluation of educational innovative projects with an autosocioconstructivist approach.
  • The evaluation, design and application of diversified curriculum.
  • The production and use of educational material for/in the intercultural multilingual education.
  • The development and application of didactic strategies for the education of Languages: L1 and L2.
  • The make use of oral and written to L1 and L2.
  • The starting in practice of intracultural and intercultural values.


To join to the degree courses Intercultural Innovative Education Orientated to the Educational Practice Multilingual Contexts, the candidate must credit its educational formation or its property to the last course of the upper Normal Institute.

Nowadays two versions are been developed:

The first version began in 2006 and the second version got started on February the 23rd 2008 finishing in 2009. The students are working in their defences of final works.
A third version 2010 is planned.

INFORMATION: Secretary’s office of Languages Department, Program Coordination.
Nicolas Ortíz Street No. 182
Telephone (fax) 6461966

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