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Distance Courses


It is for all known that the majority of graduates of the Languages, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Departments, carry out functions as languages teachers in different levels of primary and secondary training in establishments as much public as private; as like in other institutions of the country. These graduated are devoided of the academic diploma of degree, for not having expired with any of the modalities of Qualifications.
The purpose of the Languages Department, from its foundation, was forming teachers in languages area.
Since 1973, with the Educational Reform imposed by the CNES the Languages Department of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca University, although it keeps a Curricula of four years, it sets the implementation of the academic degree in motion through degree examinations that must be prepared in an independent way for each candidate.
In 1994 the Curricula is redesign implementing the Fifth year of studies in which the students receive a proper training to the direct autorization to degree exams.

The current Curriculum consider, at the end of fourth year, the posibility to obtain the academic grade as Superior Technician in Languages as well as the degree by finishing the fifth year.
Articles 15, 16 and 17 of the Educative Reform of 1994 stipulates “the development of degree programs to the teacher training” carried out by Universities with the purpose of qualifying to the teacher staff of the national educational system, mainly to the working field of the graduates. Now, the statistics data obtained show that there lis a low porcentage of bachelors in languages in this area with regard to the number of graduates, turning into an emergency the implementation of other alternative of graduation to people who for different circunstances of working or residence can not perform reach the presential studies getting the obtaining the Academic Degree.


Completing and improving the training process of graduates in Languages Departments, of the Superior Technician level (Certificate of Graduation) with studies which allow them to reach the Degree Academic Diploma.


  • To Make posible the academic improvement of students who have already finish their studies in languages.
  • To encourage the updating the systems of knoledge, habilities and axiological elements.
  • To promote the interrelationship of the organizational components of the educational teacher process: academic, working and reseach.
  • To encourage the productive and creative work

From Monday to Friday:
Mornings: from 08:00 to 12:00
Afternoons: from 14:30 to 18:30 


  • To contribute to the proper training of Bachelors in Language that is in concordance with the educational and productive requirements at the beginnig of XXI century.
  • To contribute to the proper training of Bachelors in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from other universities of the bolivian system, previous analysis of the candidate’s file.


The Degree Course of Languages in its Studing by Distance Learning will last 12 months and it will be developed through different resources and a presential course.
The course will be divided in three distance consecutive modules (autoinstructives) and one presential module which will last four weeks.
Derivatives of the course objectives that contains a system of knowledge and a system of abilities with a system of values in Languages professionals.                                                  


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